Own a Bar?

Why Offer Exclusive Deals?

The Benefits of Buuz

Buuz provides a unique marketing opportunity for bar owners nationwide.

Offering an exclusive deal helps your bar stand out and will ultimately attract new customers. Our users are always looking for a great deal. Unlike other sites, we do not take commission from your sales or ask for sign up fees. Instead, we provide our bar partners with a secure login to manage your drink specials 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Since you will never have to pay to partner with BuuZ there is nothing to lose, only new customers to gain!

It’s time to give the customer what they want. Our users are encouraged to tell us their favorite drink. Based on user data we send recommendations to draw like-minded customers to your bar who are sure to take advantage of the deal offered.

Exclusive deals can only be redeemed one time per 24 hours.   

Other bars around you may be starting to use BuuZ to draw crowds, so what are you waiting for? Stay ahead of the competition, attraction new bar-goers to your establishment and give your social presence a boost.


If you have any questions before signing your bar up, please contact us.